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Personal Training


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Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge to help you learn about your body and teach you proper functional movement patterns. Our Personal Trainers at Oakland's best gym will help mix up your routine, keeping it fresh and fun! If you're lacking accountability, or bored with your current regimen, then book your first session with one of our elite trainers.

Work with our Personal Trainers to customize and implement a safe and effective workout program to meet your specific goals. We track your workouts, challenge you, and support you during your fitness journey. You will gain a good foundation of how your body moves, focusing on form to help prevent injuries while gaining strength.  We offer two complimentary Fitness Assessments to get a baseline of your body composition to measure your results.

Your success starts here at The Club at City Center, Oakland's best Gym!

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Aaron Fahey


Andrea Chenier

personal trainer

Francis Crusit

francis crusit
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