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Oakland Gym with Outdoor Pool

Looking for an outdoor pool near me? Our downtown Oakland gym features a 3-lane, heated lap pool for our members to enjoy!

Swimming is a great cardio workout that helps build endurance, strengthen muscles, and maintain overall health and fitness. You'll tone arms, legs, and glutes as you propel yourself through the sparkling water of our indoor pool!

It's also a great weight loss solution as you rev your heart rate to boost your metabolism, burn calories, and torch fat.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise, easier on joints than a workout on the gym floor, with no jarring or strenuous movement. It's great exercise for older adults and those experiencing health concerns such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis. Time in the pool is also soothing for those recovering from injury.

Whether you swim for exercise or for leisure, you'll enjoy the comfortable 81 degrees our pool offers all year long. The pool is also 23.75 yards in length, great for laps or practice swimming.

Come by our gym in Oakland and float, freestyle swim, or enjoy an aquatic class. As your lifestyle destination, our outdoor pool is clean, convenient, and the best place to achieve a refreshing cardio workout!

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